My Earning Report for February 2018

Why I share my earning with others?

It helps me keep track of my progress.

It also helps aspiring bloggers, internet markets to get motivations.


Amazon Affiliates $0.25 $0.25
Ezoic Adsense $90 $90
Infolinks $20 $20
WordPress Site Setup $15 $15
Sponsored Posts $54 $54
Flipkart Affiliate $2 $2
Domain Renewal $18.60 -$18.60
ConvertKit  $29 -$29
DigitalOcean Hosting  $5 -$5
TOTAL  $181.25  52.6 $128.65

I was able to earn total of $128.65

Total Time Spent

2 hours/day x 30 days= 60 hours. Looking at time spent and earning statics I am not happy. But, I can see the graph  is improving.

What other works I was doing in January?

Building a Facebook page with 5000 likes.

Building an IG account with 500 followers.

200 email list collected on traveling niche. US-based active users.

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