My 2017 challenge to travel the world with no money

This year I have taken a challenge to travel the world with no money. Does it possible?




What are the gears needed for an alone traveler?

One needs many things to go for traveling. But, as I don’t have much money I need to sort out my minimalist gear list.

1. I am going to travel the world alone and I need to record each and every moment of the journey. So, I need a camera right. But, I don’t have $200 to spend on a good vlogging camera. All I have is a smartphone with a 16 MP camera.

2. I need a backpack which I already have.

3. An external memory which I need to buy.

4. A selfie stick to hold my phone.

That’s it I am weaponized for my nomad life.

Total expenses—

External memory=2,000 INR

Selfie stick=5,00INR



How to find cheap travel destination?

Now there is a big challenge as I don’t have enough money, I need to find some cheap destinations to kickstart my nomadic life. Gradually when I will make some passive money I will reinvest in some good destinations like Bali, Thailand, Mauritius.


How to start yours Nomad life with little money?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries.


How am I going to fulfill my travel expenses?

I am going to start a new life, a new path to my life. I am a 22 middle-class India boy who’s pocket money is less than 5,000 Indian rupee. I am pretty grown up and I need to afford my travel expenses.

So, How am I going to fulfill my travel expenses?

Big question? Right, Let’s see what I have now–

  1. A laptop
  2. 5,000 INR in Bank account


What are the things I will end up with after my visits to a new destination?

  1. A nice story
  2. Some raw photographs
  3. Some immature video footage of the destinations.


How am I going to monetize them?

These are going to back up my financial reliant.

  1. I will write blog posts on that nice story and help people to find that destination. This can be my own blog by monetizing through affiliate and AdSense or writing a paid guest post for travel sites.
  2. Those raw photographs can be given a professional look using Photoshop and I will sell them on Shutterstock, Etsy or iStockphoto.
  3. I know a little bit of video editing and I have a YouTube channel where I will upload my videos and earn a little from ads.

See you in the next post on whether I succeed or failed

As always stay awesome:)

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