My 2017 challenge to travel the world with no money

This year I have taken a challenge to travel the world with no money. Does it possible?

I don’t whether it is possible or not. I will try my best to conquer this challenge. I know it will be very hard.

What are the gears needed for a lone traveler?

One needs many things to go for traveling. But, as I don’t have much money I need to sort out my minimalist gear list.

1. I am going to travel the world alone and I need to record each and every moment of the journey. So, I need a camera right. But, I don’t have $200 to spend on a good vlogging camera. All I have is a smartphone with a 16 MP camera.

2. I need a backpack which I already have.

3. An external memory which I need to buy.

4. A selfie stick to hold my phone.

That’s it I am weaponized for my nomad life.

Total expenses—

External memory=2,000 INR

Selfie stick=5,00INR



How to find cheap travel destination?

Now, this is a big challenge as I don’t have enough money, I need to find some cheap destinations to kickstart my nomadic life. Gradually when I will make some passive money I will reinvest in some good destinations like Bali, Thailand, Mauritius. I have to start my journey from neighboring countries Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar.


How to start yours Nomad life with little money?

I don’t have an answer to this question at present. I will definitely answer your question in future.


How am I going to fulfill my travel expenses?

I am going to start a new life, a new path to my life. I am a 23 middle-class India boy who’s pocket money is less than 5,000 Indian rupee. I am pretty grown up and I need to afford my own travel expenses.

So, How am I going to fulfill my travel expenses?

Big question? Right, Let’s see what I have now–

  1. A laptop
  2. 5,000 INR in Bank account


What are the things I will end up with after my visits to a new destination?

  1. A nice story
  2. Some raw photographs
  3. Some immature video footage of the destinations.


How am I going to monetize them?

These are going to back up my financial reliant.

  1. I will write blog posts on that nice story and help people to find that destination. This can be my own blog by monetizing through affiliate and AdSense or writing a paid guest post for travel sites.
  2. Those raw photographs can be given a professional look using Photoshop and I will sell them on Shutterstock, Etsy or iStockphoto.
  3. I know a little bit of video editing and I have a YouTube channel where I will upload my videos and earn a little from ads.

See you in the next post on whether I succeed or fail.

As always stay awesome:)

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