My 10 tips to Battle tiredness while writing blog posts.

This is what killing my time and productivity every other day. I have been consistant for a period and left writing posts for few months and this created a havok on my blogging career. Its not only my problem, every blog writer faces this problem(writer’s fatique) somewhere in their blogging life.

Writer’s fatigue is the blocking of writing process, sometimes even before you’ve begun, and sometimes occurs after extended periods of writing. The condition is frustrating, emotionally draining, and affects confidence.

As this is not just your problem or mine, everybody who write blog posts face this in some part of their work. So, there may be some tips and tricks to which they have adopted come out of this. I personally follow these 10 tips to Battle Writer’s fatigue while writing blog posts.


This is something I do and it makes sense to do so. When you are tired and no words, no sentences are framing in your mind it is obious to writer a crap post if you strech more. I leave everthing I have written up tp that point. I leave my laptop and move somewhere. May be I go for watching a TV, I go to backyard garden.

Do not over stretch yourself to finish that post which you do not feel like writing now. If you finish too, it will be a shitty post.

Onething more, before you leave your PC, do not forget to save your work first. Otherwise it will be more frustrating to loose 500 words that you writen with due care. I do not worry as much because I write directly on my wordpress editor.


Music is stress releaver. I put on soft music with volume low. I like this way to get out of writer;s fatique. For different people different genre of music may work. But, I highly recommend not to listen to music when you are feeling good. When you are productive do not just to music because it hampers the writing process. Writing is a post needs lot of thnking in your brain, music will divert you from fast thinking.

You may think you can do multitake. To write a solid post multitasking can reduce your post quality.


Read success stories of other bloggers. It may be money they earn per month, It may be the blogger recognition, awards. These things will charge you up. After you read such success stories more stress hormones like testosterone will release and star sepending more engeries for you.

I always love reading monthly, yearly incomes of my favorite bloggers. Reports like these keep my writing spirit strong.


If you are not interested in writing at this time, invest this time on other works related to your blog. I make featured images, resize them, upload then and add alt tags to each images. Similarly, I also check my previous post if they have any spelling or grammertical mistakes. If you are feeling to write at that moment you may feel like to read your old posts. I also check whether my posts are internally linked or not. I do everyhting related to my blog. I search in facebook groups for cross guest post opportunities.

Time management is also important in blogging. If you are working at an office, you can not waste your all time on blogging. If you have writer’s fatique next time don’t just waste your time.


Motivational quotes are very powerful. My laptop’s wallpaper is a motivational quote stating “when you feel like quitting think about why you started”. This reminds me about my goals.

I also request you to print out few solid high energy quotes and stick them on your room wall/office wall. This will keep reming you to take actions for the result that you are expecting.


Taking a nap may refresh your brain. Most often our brain block when we are tired. Kill your tiredness with a 30 mins nap. This works for me many times. The hard part is that just closing your eyes may not fall sleep.

You do not have to prepare for the nap, take a nap wherever you are sitting. I take most often on my couch and rarely on my bed.


Outlining what you want to achieve with your particular post can improve writing speed and quality.

If you are aiming to write a solid post for your blog which will be read by thousands, will be shared by thousands your brain will not let you to feel sleepy. You will be excited for the end goal you are going to achiev.


You do not need to write your post at once. Structuring your post makes writng process quicker. When you layout all the main headings of your post you will find your brain working at faster rate.

As in this post, first I wrote about the tile of the post which is still not fixed and I can change on later. Then I think of all the h2, h3 headings that I can use on this post. When I decided all the headings, I write them first. Then I go for images which I can use for my post. And Then at last I actually go for writing the post. I also try to write small paragraphs to make it easy for me think and write.

I do not decide my title at the begining of the writing a post (By Title I do not mean the topic which I have chosen for writing a particular post). I take final decision when I finish all my wrtings, this helps me to go a little offbit from the main topic and I end up writing a long post.


One another way to deal with writer’s fatique is keep writing even when noting is coming in your mind. I already mentioned that nothing is fixed when I write. When your brain is block still you can write. But, the words and sentenances are not appealing as you normally write.

One way to not waste the time and still invest in post writing is changing the topic you have chosen earlier. And write whatever is coming in your brain. Every writer need their post final proofing before publishing. You can rectify all the errors you have done in the previous writing.


Stretching your body is one way to kill writer’s fatique. Do two or three yoga positions, take deep breath and start writng again. You can also do push ups for getting rid of tiredness.

Stretch your body with forward and backward bendings. As more oxygen will flow in and more calories will burn and you will get more energies to work.


Writer’s fatique can be a real problem in your progression. Take actions so that you do not get frustrated. If you do not apply any tricks you may not finish your post on time and get in to depression. It has happened to me earlier as I fail to finish my posts on time. I expect a lot from my blogs and when they fails to work on that because of slow process, it annoys me a lot. So, now I am way more active and do finishes what I have promissed myself.

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