A visit to Maple Pine Farm, Mawmyrsiang, Meghalaya

I was busy with my regular schedule and I needed a break very much. After searching a lot of places for hours on the internet I came across this unique place. Instantly, I thought this place could be where I and my girlfriend can spend beautiful time together.

The scenery of the place is as mesmerizing as I dream of visiting such places in the future. I loved the small cottages made with wood in European style. After getting the name of the place I quickly searched for the distance from Shillong to Mawmyrsiang. The distance seemed less to me so I quickly searched for the contacts of the property. (I have shared contact details at the end of the post).

I contacted James through Whatsapp and asked if he can arrange a driver for us to pick from Shillong. He game me Kiki’s phone number who is a local taxi driver.

James has been living here for a long time. He got two sons who are well grown to teenage. His father was a teacher and his mother was a nurse who came to India during the British period to serve here. Then, James grew up here in Shillong and later married a local lady to settle down in Mawmyrsiang.

It really amazes me how Canadian crossing thousands of miles to stay in such a beautiful place. Mountains and forests always attract me. I talked with my girlfriend in the future if we get a chance to build a house in such a place we will not miss that.

A Little about Maple Pine Farm

maple pine farm

Maple pine is situated in a interior place about 35 KMs from Shillong. The place is beautiful surrounded by hills and active streams. The owner has planted solar panels, wind mills to fight scarcity of electricity in the place.

You need to cross a narrow lane to get to the farm. Before you reach the farm you will need to cross farmland which gets pretty muddy during the rainy season.

During winter the temperature drops to about 5 to 10 degrees celsius. James will arrange a bonfire for you if you tell him in advance.

A small single bed crib is built in each cottage. Children and even adults can stay comfortably in the crib. The toilet was clean but at night when the temperature drops hot water is not available.

We stayed there for two nights and found good hospitality from James.

I though of taking bath in the small stream that is flowing side of the farm. But, I couldn’t take bath because of the freezing water.

They have a beautiful dinning room where you will find two flags one each of India and Canada.

James will keep your foods on the table at your said time and you can have it later. During morning we used to wake up late so he brought breakfast to our cottage. That’s so sweet of him! He is so hard working. I found him always busy with something in his farm.

Things to do/see nearby

You can go trekking in the hills. You will find beautiful wildflowers and pine trees upon the hills. Just roaming nearby the farm to see organic vegetable cultivation by James and his wife is also pleasing. Or you can explore nearby villages.

maple pine farm stream

Total Expenditure: 18200

Stay: 3200

Foods: 2000 (Breakfast was free)

Transportation: 12,000

Miscellaneous: 1000 (entry fee etc.)

Website: www.culturalpursuits.com

James’ Phone Number: 9436303978

Kiki’s Phone Number: 9856131192

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