How to earn $5/day easily from a WordPress blog using Facebook Traffic

Earn $5/day using this simple and easy technique.

All you need is a Facebook page and a WordPress blog.

If you do not know how to create a Facebook follow my post on TSO.

All is done from a technical point and now it is the time write an eye popping article.


How to search viral topics?

Searching viral topic is simple, go to your Facebook profile and you will see these trending topics on the right side of your Facebook account.

facebook trending topics

Being a web developer who has created many viral sites I have to admit that taste of peoples are–

1.More emotional content- One Pakistani guy adopted two homeless child from Kochi

2.Hot content- XXXXX(place name) Girl caught masturbating in class on CC Camera

3.Disputed content- Chinese military is preparing for war against India

4.Biased content- A boy is beaten to death because of stealing a 10 rupee note.




  • Try to publish at least two posts with eye catching images. For a viral site, you don’t have to do keyword research or write a long post.
  • Keep your blog clean and install a lite weight theme with minimum widgets and fast speed.
  • Do this I bet you you will earn at least $5/day from the blog.

List of such viral sites:



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