My Bus trips from Guwahati to Sivasagar: A Random Post

Hey, this post is all about personal experiences of bus trips from Guwahati to sivasagar and sivasagar to Guwahati vice versa. First I want to tell you the distance from Guwahati to sivasagar is about 380 KM which crosses kaziranga National park on the way. The highway is now big and broad (four lane).

After coming and going to and fro from Guwahati to sivasagar I have found out the following precautions to ensure safe journey.

If you are a lone traveller like me always try to find a single seat. Even if you get a seat at backside it’s ok take it unless and otherwise​ if you have back pain or can’t bear jerks of a bus. Because it is single seat.

Are you carrying your costly camera or lappy with you? It is better not to keep your bag having costly equipments on the self of the bus. Instead keep the bag with you beside your seat.

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