You need a change!

Are you depressed? Do you wish if you had more money? Are you lonely? Do you wish you wake up the next morning and you don’t have to go to your 9 to 5 job again? You don’t want to continue your study, you are fed up and wanna quit?

If all the above symptoms are seen that it is 100% essential that you need a change.

By a change, I don’t mean that you need to change your body color or join a premium club to transform you. All you need is to change some minor habits in your daily life. If you want you can read here an incredible post on 13 things mentally strong people avoid.

Why is change important?

Why change is important, this question is very important. Change is nature, it’s same life undressing of plants in winter and again embracing a new start with autumn.

You may be the most depressed person in the world, no one gives a damn about you. Someone may be lucky enough to have some near and dear one. But, all are not lucky enough.


Examples of some great persons who welcomed a chance to change their lives.


How to change your life in 7 days?


Step by step transformation

Is it possible to change in seconds, in minutes, in hours, overnight? Of course not.

I want you to change gradually.

Here is the Recipe for change

  1. Yoga
  2. drink a cup of confidence.
  3. Make schedule

Some of you may wonder why to make a schedule. A schedule is very important if you want to get success. I too asked myself why to make myself a robot following some shitty schedule.

I have tested my life both with a schedule and without a schedule. When I write to you I first test on me and I recommend you. So, that you don’t blame me later on. There were days when I used to wake up at 11, 12 AM and days like waking early.

Here I am giving you some health advice, waking up early makes healthy. I just I want to say that, make a schedule for your works. You may sleep at 6 AM and wake up at 2 PM. It doesn’t matter until you are finishing your tasks regularly.


This is my last plea to you please bring a change in you and see the difference. I don’t need anything from you. I have gone through this period and living my dream life.

Now it’s your turn.


How to stick to a plan or goal?

Make small goals, rather than making big goals. Small goals are achievable easily. Make goals for a shorter period like my monthly goals. It will be better if you can make weekly goals. Again weekly goals are more achievable than monthly goals. Our brain likes small tasks and quick results.

I ask you a question. Do you know that if you keep investing $1000 per month after 10 years you can buy a new Lambo?

That’s hard isn’t it looking at one k investment per month from a $13 per hour job? But, why don’t you invest $10 per day and buy a Toyota at the end of the year?

That seems to be easier! Isn’t it? That’s why I fucking love how the brain works.

It’s all in you if you want to bring change in you. Your father, mother, brother, sister, friends have nothing to do. They may be with you today, tomorrow they may quit. Everyone is the same process of life. They too wanted to change in some part of their life or maybe trying too.

Who Knows, your friend may be the one who spending tons on relaxing, psychotherapy or rehabilitation.

You can apply my techniques to any part of your life. If you are thriving to make passive income online or failing to quit smoke.

Now, I have a question for you. One guy wants to quit smoking and he quits. But, he picks up a new addiction that is vaping. Is this a change?

For me yes. It is a change. change may be a positive or negative change. If the guy has picked up nicotine free vaping he does has a positive change to his health. I

For me, change can as little as making $1/day online doing some simple works. As soon as someone knows how to make $1/day he or she can scale it to $100/day with the same process. Just repeating the same process with more efforts.

It’s my request to you. Try to bring a positive change to your life. It may just as simple as waking up at 6 AM in the morning.

Eary change has an impact on your life whether positive change or negative change.




Ankurman Handique

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