Accept Challenges to Make a Better Version of Yourself

Hey folks, I will share with you some of my experiences I have encountered in my 25-year-old journey. Though I can not recall the exact picture of my childhood. But, I have learnt few life lessons which are super important to excel in life.

People are there and they will be there around you. Good people bad people. Do your part and do not give attention to what others say. You got only one life!

kinds of people you may meet in your life:

  1. There are a kind of people who are too much interested in other’s life rather than his/her life.
  2. Some are there who never care about anyone.
  3. Some care and give you advice on their own experiences.
  4. And very few will be actually caring about you.

My mantra is simple, care who they care for you.

But, should you listen to advice from dearest and nearest one? For a long time I have been doing the this. I used to keep my thoughts aside and bliendly follow their thoughts. Now, after many years I realised that I was wrong to follow someone else’s thoughts.

What did I learn?

It is your life and take actions by yourself. Be strong, stand strong. If you follow others thoughts and if somehow you fail, who will take the risk? They will not be there to face it. On the other hand if you take your own decision and fail, there will be no one to blame. You will learn from your mistakes. You will not make excuses. Now, I say thousands times I will never let someone else to take decisions of my life.

Am I looser in this world?

When I was in school. Most of my friends thought I am looser. I use to spent most of my time on study. This is between 12 to 18.

I saw people are very smart. I felt like I am nothing than just a bookworm. I am not good at anything other than study. Even in study I am not at the top, not good at playing, not good in the extracurricular activity. Then I used to recall my childhood. I was the same guy when I was 8 years old. But, I was happy then than now. May be because I was not comparing myself with others,  I was not thinking about my future. Because I was totally dependent on my parents. I used to do what I like.

The answer I found is that do not care what others doing, Do what you love. Never compare yourself with others.

One more thing “Do what you can’t”:

I have been following Casey Neistat for a long time. I love his skills on creating visual stories in a 10 mins video. His most of videos give some valuable message at the end. This video uploaded by him really motivated me a lot. In our life we think too much before starting a thing. Procastination is killing us. What others gonna think of us!!!

My advice will don’t care what others are thinking about you. People are there to criticize and reward you based upon your result. Take a challenge, Budy why to live a boring life that everybody is living.

Don’t stop creating new stuff that you like most. In this world no one no knows anything at birth, everyone starts from zero.

I have few more stories to share with you. People accepted challenges and conquer their own belief that they can not be changed.

These stories motivate me a lot. Whenever I feel down and low power, I just watch these stories and this pumps my energy level.

Charlie Jabaley

Charlie Jabaley was a dreamer kid from Georgia (United States). Charlie became CEO millionaire of Atlanta Hip-hop management company. He sold millions of records, changed the trajectory of how to market to millennials, and guided the careers of influential artists like Grammy award winning 2Chainz. However, he battled depression, binge eating, crippling insecurities and a brain tumor. To everyone on the outside, CEO Charlie was crushing it. On the inside, he was dying. Unhealthy, unhappy and unfilled, Charlie retired in 2017 at the age of 29 from both the music industry and the name “CEO Charlie”. He made the decision to reinvent his life in pursuit of his childhood dream to become an athlete.

Rahul Bhatnagar

Here is another story from Rahul Bhatnagar, He is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker. He has challenged himself to take challenges. His challenges made him a debt of more than 40 million INR. But he did not stop taking challenges which made him more strong.

I am also influenced by the story of Sandeep Maheshwari, his way of handling challenges really influenced me. I do not want to talk more about Sandeep Maheswari here in this post as I have already mentioned about him in my other motivational posts.

In my view, there is no success or failure. There will be a time when you will rise and again you will fall, its a part of life. Our work is to keep going.

Final Thoughts

My thoughts are clear give a no fuck to anyone. People are there to criticize you, people are there to pull you down, people are there to appreciate you, people are there to love you. This is simple love people who love you. Beleive in yourself is the only thing that you can carry with you. Others like a clap from a fan, award from a reputed organization, appreciation from relatives are temporary.

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