Earn 45000 INR Per Month from Home with GearBest Associate Program

Are you searching for a better way to earn money online? There are many ways you can earn a handsome money online. Some of them are selling physical and digital products, display ads(Adsense), affiliate marketing, sponsorships, Link selling, domain flipping, Website flipping, selling website Subscriptions.

Out of all the money making ways, I prefer affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is such a lucrative business that pays more for little work. I have been a part of many affiliate programs. Making thousands of dollar per month is fun as well as supporting my family expenses.

One such high paying affiliate program is the GearBeat associate program. In this, I will share you everything how to join GearBest Associate Program, why you should join GearBest Associate Program and how to earn 45,000 per month from GearBest Associate Program.

GearBest Associate Program Overview

One of the best affiliate programs is GearBest Associate Program. GearBest Associate Program is free to join and pays up to 50% in commissions.

Here are the commission rates of different products on different categories.

The commission rates increase according to the Membership Level and the Membership Level depends on the number of sales through affiliate links.

Last Month Sale Amount Up to $3,000 $3,000 – $10,000 $3,000 – $10,000
Level Standard Premium VIP
Sub Account Number 2 5 8

Where Sub-Account is the accounts under the primary account that you can create to manage different associate IDs. Ultimately the number of Sub-Accounts is equal to the number of associate IDs.

You can check the full list of GearBeat associate commission structure.

How will you get paid? 

If your balance account exceeds $60, you can withdraw your $60 as coupon, For bank transfer, web money and paypal withdrawl $100 is required to earn in commission to be eligible. GearBest pays through coupons, PayPal, Wire Transfer and web money.

How to join GearBest Associate Program?

I will show step by step process how to sign up for GearBest affiliate program. It takes only few steps to create an account in GearBest Affiliate Program. Join by clicking here.

Step 1: Fill in the account information.

gearbest associate program sign up

After you have reached this page, Put your email address or business email account which I think is better(You can use your Gmail account, I use custom domain specific email accounts). Set password and check the Terms and Conditions box. Click to continue to the next step.

Step 2: Complete your basic information.

gearbest affiliate signup

In Basic information, you have to put your Name, Language for communication, your country, your contact number, your website URL(if you want to apply for multiple sites, you can add all by clicking on the + sign), your website type(whether content blog or a coupon site or other category site), your preferred currency in which you want to get paid and lastly what your website is about.

Step 3: Associate account is pending.

gearbest associate signup

You will get a confirmation email to the signed up email address. Confirm sign up by clicking the link and it will get confirmed. As mentioned in the email, It takes only 2 days to review your application and you will get another email confirming your sign up.

Why you should join GearBest Associate Program?

You should join GearBest Associate Program as it is free to join. GearBest is one of the biggest e-commerce sites just after Amazon. GearBest commission is lucrative. They pay more to affiliates who drive more sales.

GearBest has 30 days cookie sessions. As long as a cookie with your affiliate ID is stored, you have 30 days time to make that into a sale whereas Amazon has only 24 hrs cookie session.

GearBest also pays extra $20 to affiliates who cross $200 in sales and $5 just for the first click!

How to earn 45000 INR per month from GearBest Associate Program?

Now, lets come to the real calculation. How will you make 30000 INR per month from GearBest affiliate program. Let’s say you rocking 10 sales per day with GearBeat affiliate links. If you sell 10 products with of minimum price of 3000 INR each at %5 commission you will make 1500. And in a month there are 30 days. So, it will be roughly 45,000 INR for a month which is amazing.

This is possible and people have been doing for a long time. If you have a YouTube channel on “top 10 products”, gadget review topics you can make way more than 45k per month. All you need is to take action.

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