How to bypass the learning process so that you can make money fast?

Everyone says “first learn and then earn”. Do you believe this thought? I don’t because it is not necessarily true that always learning gives earning. Most of the time learning does give earning. But, learning does involve dedication and time investment.

But, nowadays we don’t have that much patience. We want to make money the day after we set up a blog. Is it possible to make money from a new blog?


There are many fast ways to make money like the investment in stocks and cryptocurrency. I will not discuss them as these businesses require a big capital and I have little or no knowledge about them. I will tell you about blogging which is one of the ways to make money without any investment.

Though this method does not require money and time investment but requires a little pre-research before hitting the blog publish button.

Let’s explain to you further. What happens after you create a blog? You spend hours of time writing posts, doing keyword research, building links, managing social media accounts. While doing these tasks you do miss many things.


How to make money fast?

Before I give you all the information. Let us first think about the limitations for you. You have very less money. You have less time and you have less patience.


Finding out where we spend our most time can substantially reduce our learning time and we can start earning fast. Most of us spend hours on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook posting photos, and blogs. You can take help of auto-posting websites like Tailwind. I know this may cost a little monthly but they are worthy.

You can Schelde your posts easily. Use the Tailwind website features to schedule all the posts for each day.


You should not search for free stuff every time. Especially when you want to earn fast. You can take time and use free stuff to earn. Who wants to earn fast they will stop using free stuff. Let me explain it to you. You can build a blog on free platforms like Blogspot or Tumblr. You can keep grinding every day and make pennies on these platforms.

Have you ever seen a blog on Blogspot or Tumblr ranking and banking? The answer is no. The success of blogging on these platforms is very less.

If you start from self-hosted WordPress with a custom domain the success is near to you. It can be applied to anything. If you are a YouTuber who is good at talking to a camera but sucks at editing video. You can still edit videos and upload and fail massively or hire someone at a cheap price and gaining tons of subs.


Stop reading all the success stories, stop reading all the case studies, stop over thinking, stop procrastinating. Instead, follow one or two bloggers and start doing. The Internet is the black hole of contents, blogs. You can finish reading all of them.

Use a small diary and note down all important points. In that diary keep notes of all the important topics you want to cover. Ideas you have in mind.


You can wait years to build natural links to your blog and get some SEO juice. Those who want fast money they will choose alternative roads. Easy earners will go for less work. I have many friends who rank their amazon niche blogs within two to three months. How? Yes, you are right, PBN.

Many experts say PBN no more works and they also say google penalize those websites which use PBN. In reality, they are the people who using PBN and ranking their sites.

I have been using PBN for my amazon niche sites and they are penalized. If they penalized too, I don’t care as I have already squeezed out all the money from them.


In the blogging world, this is very important. By relationship, I don’t mean making an intimate relationship. I am talking about building new friends. Friends which will share you their secrets and may lend you some works. This has enabled me to make $30 to $100 per guest posts on my Technology blog


This is the tagline of the famous sports brand “Nike”. Like I said earlier Stop Procrastinating. Keep creating content, no matter how you suck at it. If you do not start it today that means you are postponing your success. Today at present you know you are alive. Tomorrow you do not know, you may become busy at some other work and forget about it. So my request to you is DO NOW!

Hope these tips will help you to earn fast without investing much time in learning things. Everyone sucks at first and those who implement the tricks and tips of those who are already making money, they get success fast.


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