What is WordCamp and Why Should you attend it?

I attended a recent WordCamp at Kolkata, it was a nice experience for me. Many enthusiastic minds from this part of the country joined the Camp. The one-day event was followed by an afterparty at night, though I couldn’t attend the party I enjoyed a lot at the event.

Subrata Sarkar who is one of the core contributors of the development of the WordPress platform is the mind who took initiative to organize WordCamp for the first time in Kolkata. He is a champ, the event was a success because of him and his team.

On 3rd of March, 2019 the event started in the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre. I reached there before 10:30 AM, the event had not started then, though I thought I was late. I took my ID card at reception and proceed to the conference hall. All the experts who delivered speeches were best on their way. I enjoyed the Panel discussion on “Future of WordPress Business in 2019 and Beyond”. Mr. Bhanu Ahluwalia who is the creator of Rankmath SEO plugin was one of the members of the panel.

Unfortunately, I was late for my train, so I had to leave the event at 3:00 PM.

That was my experience of WordCamp Kolkata 2019. I am planning to join more WordCamps in the near future. I can see the benefits of joining WordCamps.

If you wish to join WordCamp near to your home, You can find the list of upcoming WordCamps here.


wordcamp kolkata
At WordCamp Kolkata, 2019

WordCamps are organized by Bloggers, Developers, Marketers in different cities of the world. The first WordCamp was held in 2006 in San Francisco and was organized by Matt Mullenweg himself. From then numerous WordCamps are being organized by WordPress users every year in different cities of the world.


Why you should attend WordCamps:

Now, lets come to the main point why should you attend WordCamps-

1. You can connect with fellow bloggers, developers and possibly can meet with your future business partner.

I was just sitting on a couch, I saw a guy next to me, I asked him what he do and how he is related to the WordPress industry. He told me that he is a freelance WordPress developer and he has been in the web development industry for a decade. We talked for a few minutes and I came to know he was doing some big projects for companies and brands. This triggered me as I was also looking for a web developer for my digital media company. I asked him to partner with me and I discussed how we can work together. He agreed to my offer and we became friends.

I also learned how he gets his clients, this knowledge will help me to grow my company. You can also make links with experts, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, as long as you are in the same digital industry, we can get help from each other. You may be a blogger, graphics designer, YouTuber, social media marketer; we all need connections to grow fast.

2. You will get a lot of free stuff. In most of the WordCamp, food is free. They provide free perks like t-shirts, bags, stickers, to the attendees.

These are nothing compared to knowledge and experience you can gain, but free stuff is not bad.

3. You can Learn how others are doing in the same industry.

You can sit on you your cough at home and still you can grow big, but by replicating other people techniques you can grow faster. In a WordCamp, you will meet different experts of the digital word. Some may be good at SEO or some may be good at SMO. You can copy their ideas by interacting with them.

4. You will know your position.

As a marketer, blogger, SEO specialist you will know at what position you are.

There are unlimited benefits you can gain joining a WordCamp event. If you somehow can not join a WordCamp, still you can watch a WordCamp video on YouTube. So, don’t be upset and keep hustling!



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