Earn $100/month from Infolinks

Most of the bloggers try their first hand on infolinks. It is very easy to get approved by infolinks.

The drawback of infolinks is that it doesn’t pay enough as Adsense. But, if your Adsense application was not approved, infolinks is the good alternative.

What is the infolinks revenue model CPC or CPM?

Infolinks has both CPM and CPC model.

infolinks earnings

How much can you earn from infolinks?

Lets’ say your blog/website has 5,000 visitors per day. Then calculate it with 5% CTR.


CPC from infolinks is less compared to AdSense. So, it will be 50×0.02=$1

Plus $0.20 CPM will give another $1

Not, bad if your traffic is from Facebook.

How to join infolinks?


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