How to get Sponsored Posts?

In February 2018, I made more than $54 from Sponsored Posts. I was not expecting that much of money from sponsored posts(my blog had like 50,000 sessions and most of the traffic is from Philipines. Even though I haven’t placed a separate page to show that I accept sponsored posts on my blog. Those Advertisers looking for sponsored posts asked me about the amount I charge for a sponsored posts. I just blindly accepted to $25  for a post and another $29 for another sponsored post.

This is my first experience with sponsored posts. I am not the mastermind of sponsored posts. But, I would try to share everything I learned from my first encounter with sponsored content.

I will answer everything. How I got guest posting requests? What Guest posting requests to accept? How much to charge? and more…

What a Sponsored Post request looks like?

On 5th February 2018, I got the below email. Request for a Guest post/sponsored post and banner advertisement.

As I do not accept banner ads, so sent back an email accepting a sponsored post on my blog.

how to get guest posts

Things to remember before accepting a Guest Post on your blog.

Always choose Guest Post request which is related to your blog niche. Let’s say your blog is a tech niche and a company selling VPN service wants to do a Guest Post on your blog. This is fine. You may consider accepting the proposal.

Sometimes some companies do not mention about money. But, you should tell them about the price you charge. Afterall you need to earn something to run your blog.

This is a win-win situation for both the parties as the companies get exposure, traffic, links to their blog and in return you earn something for to keep doing the things you love.


How much should you charge for Guest Posts?

What do you think, How much you should charge for Guest Posting? There are some factors which are helpful for estimation of the price.

Most of the Guest Post proposal is for getting a dofollow link. They, definitely look for DA on your blog.

Some Look for traffic on your blog, they want more visitors to their blog as they are finding it difficult to get from natural google ranking.

My blog was Tech niche and having DA 15, they were happy to pay me $25.

So, decide yours. How much you want to charge for a guest post.


Is Guest Posting can cause Google penalty?

According to Google exchange of links with money, products, gifts is strictly prohibited.  If found, violation of rule can cause search engine penalty which means your blog will no longer be visible on google.

Most of the Sponsored Post proposal is for getting a dofollow link. If you are taking very few sponsored posts per month, it’s ok. If you are accepting too many sponsored posts giving lots of dofollow backlthats that will create too many spamy links!

Dofollow links tell google search bot to crawl those links and give them priority in search ranking. Whereas nofollow links tell google search bot not to crawl the links and gives them less priority.

There is a white hat guest post technique which is most of the blogs are doing now. It is actually not white hat. But, it can save your blog from search engine penalty.

Now, what you need to do is that you need to tell your sponsor that you will provide dofollow links for a limited time. Lets’ say for 6 months or one year. After that, you will change it to nofollow links.

Of course, many will not be happy. But, that is the way you can remain safe from serach engine penalty.


How to get such Guest Posts?

Sometimes companies/agencies reach you directly. To know that you accept guest posting it is good to build a page on guest posting on your blog. Show the page on the secondary menu bar along with contact, about pages.

Placing a Sponsored post/advertisement/guest post section on your blog

It tells possible sponsors to come to your blog see that your blog accepts sponsored content.

There is another way Guest Posts request can be received. Join an SEO agency/service and list your blog for guest posting opportunities. One such SEO service provider is HOTH. It is very fast as they have very large traffic and guest posting requests around the worlds. They will find a suitable deal for your blog with a related niche.



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