Make money by selling “Links”

Do you know that you can make money just by selling links to other websites?

If you haven’t heard before then,

Yes, it is possible to make money by selling links.

Why do people buy links?

People buy website links to increase website ranks in search engines.

People who buy these links are mostly e-commerce website owners who sell goods to customers.

The price of the link depends mostly on the domain authority of the seller’s website.

Some even look for traffic size and location.

Proof of income by selling Links

For some websites, I get paid $20, and for some as high as $150.

It all depends on the buyer- the amount of budget the buyer has, and the type of link the buyer is looking for.

Paypal statment

However, Google discourages the buying and selling of links. Google prefers natural link building.

People still buy links as links are one of the search engine ranking factors.

If you have websites with good domain authority and traffic. Comment below, and I may help you to get buyers for you.

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