My Monthly Income Report for February 2018

February was an average month for me. A little increase in income from the previous month. I planned a lot but could not complete my all tasks.

One good news for me was that I could able to start a new niche site and I managed to write five long (around 2000 words each- long articles are very important for SEO) articles.

Why do I share my earning reports with others?
There is no secret. This monthly report helps me to see back what I achieved and I can plan for the future. It helps me keep track of my progress as I do not keep the earning/spending stats other than an Excel sheet. In this more than seven year of the journey my earnings keep fluctuating with seasons. Sometimes I need to abandon a project where I have put extensive effort because of the market and sometimes interest just fades away. When you will start blogging afresh, you are going to face difficulties. My monthly reports will help aspiring bloggers, internet markets to get motivations and keep hustling.
Amazon Affiliate$2653$2653
Ezoic AdSense$278$278
Sponsored Posts$350$350
Bluehost Affiliate$1285$1285
DO Affiliate$25$25
Other Affiliates$1845$1845
Bluehost Shared Hosting$3.95-$3.95
SiteGround Shared Hosting GrowBig Plan$5.95-5.95
DigitalOcean for my high Traffic Sites$80-$80
Freelance Writing and Editing$250-$250
Online Course$49-$49

I was able to earn a total of $128.65

Total Time Spent on Blogging

One bad habit that grew in me is that when I start watching YouTube videos I often forget about my works and end up wasting two to three hours on YouTube videos. This has affected my productivity a lot.

I wanted to create more contents for my blogs. But due to busy in personal works, I was unable to achieve my targets.

So, here comes the calculation: 3 hours/day x 30 days= 90 hours. I spent a total of 90 days in February on my blogs. At present, I am doing most of the works by myself, but planning to hire a graphic designer and copywriter for future projects.

Looking at time spent and earning stats I am not happy.


What are other works going in January?

Building a Facebook page: I was building a facebook page for one of my niche sites. Building social presence is very important whether it is a small 20-page site or an authority site.

Building an IG account: I was also building an Instagram account for one of my blogs. Getting followers on IG is a lot easier than Facebook. Especially if you have a Travel or Fashion niche you can cross 10k followers marks within a few months that too organically (Regular daily posting is very important to remain ahead on IG).

Collected a list of 200 emails on a traveling niche: During this month I was busy collecting emails on a traveling niche. .Thankfully most of the subscribers are US based.


What happened to my blogs?

Blogs are running fine. Some of them got more traffic than before and for some traffic dropped.

TechSearchOnline traffic shoots up exponentially due to a few viral keywords. I know this is not going to remain for forever so I am planning accordingly.

The traffic audience is not monetizable at this point so I am diverting to other platforms like a Facebook group and email subscribers to retain them for the future.

Handique a small blog which has started. Couldn’t able to write as many articles I planned to write.

Other niche sites-

Site 1: This site I started in last year in August and now the articles are ranking. Got more than 2000 page views in January. It’s an Amazon niche site that I left in October after writing 20 solid posts.

Site 2: This Amazon niche site started making money and fetching me roughly $50 per month.

Site 3: An authority site generated more than $2500 for me in January from affiliate and ads.

And other twenty sites which I couldn’t touch because of the shortage of time.


Future Plans for the next month

I have many plans for the future, But for March as I wring this pint on February. I am going to hire a freelance writer and graphic designer It is becoming difficult for me to cope with time and work.

Writing posts regularly is very important for the growth of a blog. And that too quality posts, not just tons of short posts.

I have been fighting with this since I have started blogging. Writing posts regularly is very difficult for me. When I write an in-depth article I take many hours to research and then a few hours to write. That’s why I am planning to hire a freelance writer probably from India.

I will automate social media posting so that I get enough time just for writing posts. Till now I have been posting contents manually on each social media sites.

And a lot to do to improve my daily routines. I am becoming lazy and I need some physical activities. Which I will try to rectify in the coming months.

I can not promise to write earing reports every month as it seems impossible due to the time schedule. So, see you soon in the next income reports!

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