January 2018 Earnings and Updates

Last month I set some challenges for me. Let me show you how far I could succeed in those challenges.

Why I share my earning with others?

It helps me keep track of my progress.

It also helps aspiring bloggers, internet markets to get motivations.

What is my January 2018 Income Report?

Amazon Affiliates $0.86 $0.86
Ezoic Adsense $14.18 $14.18
Infolinks $2 $2
WordPress Site Setup $20 $20
DigitalOcean Hosting $50 -$25
TOTAL $37.04  $50 -$12.96


January Month net income was -$12.96. Though there is no positive income. But, I know that in upcoming months this going to reverse.

Total Time Spent

1 hours/day x 30 days= 30 hours. Looking at time spent and earning statics I am not happy.

What other works I was doing in January?

Building a Facebook page with 5000 likes.

Creating web 2.0 links.


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